Does anyone feel the need to print out the scope and sequence?
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    Default Does anyone feel the need to print out the scope and sequence?

    I am the type of person who needs to have something in my hands to work off people print out the scope and sequence or is there another screen more conducive to having a paper and pen tracker of their children's work?

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    Hi. When you click on the number of lesson activities on a subject within the scope and sequence, you will find a "Print" option as the top of the left sidebar. That does print the whole subject, and they do tend to be long.

    If you use the activity planner, you can print that schedule week-by-week.

    Do you know about printing in "draft" mode to save ink?

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    I print, and give them to my child she likes to check them off as she does them. Then she gives me the paper and I go in and check them off in the computer.

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