Does the planning guide include these?
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    Default Does the planning guide include these?

    I am computing how many activites my son should do each day. I need to know if quizzes and tests are including in the numbers given. For example, when it states 122 activities under Lanuguage Arts (5th grade) is that inclusive of tests and quizes or not. If not, where do I find those numbers? Thanks.

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    That does include the quizzes. If you log in under parents, and go to lesson plans, you'll see icons beside the lessons that tell you whether it's a quiz, has a corresponding worksheet, etc. I haven't learned all the icons, yet.

    I don't know how the other grades are, but with third grade, I realized that the LA extensions usually go along with the lessons. For instance: there are four lessons on antonyms. Then one in LA extensions on antonyms. We've been doing one lesson in LA each day, and then the corresponding LA extensions lesson on Friday. This way, we're going over it every day of the week on the same topic.

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    Core language arts DOES include tests and quizzes, because they are integrated within the program. Some of the newer math lessons include tests and quizzes in their activity count, too. Most other subjects do not.

    In subjects whose format includes tests and quizzes that appear at the bottom of the student's launchpad, the tests and quizzes are NOT included in the count.

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