Doing lessons in another grade level? LA extensions?
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    Default Doing lessons in another grade level? LA extensions?

    Hi. New t4l and HS mom here. If some of the lessons are too easy for my kindergarten daughter and I want her to do some 1st grade lessons, do I have to change her entire grade level or can we just access them from her home page and pick and choose. Will it still keep those in her records? Also what exactly are the language arts extensions? Do u have your children do all of them?

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    Hi! Here are some instructiond about accessing other grade levels. Lessons completed at any grade level will appear in her reports.

    The main language arts program focuses heavily on phonics at first. The language arts extensions cover all of the other stuff. In first and second grade, each language arts extensions unit is based on a science or social studies theme. I have had my kids do all of them.

    Until third grade, my own method has been to have the student complete all of the regular language arts lessons and then start doing the language arts extensions. This is because the online readers used in the extensions are more difficult than the decodable readers in the regular language arts lessons. It also gives my kids additional social studies and science material after the few available first and second grade social studies and science lessons have all been completed.

    From third grade and up I have my students do one or two language arts and one or two extensions daily.

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