End of the year questions
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    Default End of the year questions

    Hi, we have completed all of our lessons (or so we thought),,,, when we took breaks at thanksgiving, christmas, and spring break, it skipped over lessons that we would have done for that week. Now that we are at the end of the year it is saying we are not complete. I went ahead and averaged all of my children's grades and have their scores but i would like to know if its okay that we did not go back and do those "skipped" lessons. Another question i have is: We are not doing the summer program so do i need to make my children dormant or will it still charge me monthly at the dormant stage?

    Thanks, cheyney statham, ms

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    Hi! As your child's teacher, you decide how much of the curriculum to use. You can skip lessons, repeat lessons, do lessons out of sequence, and so forth. We provide the curriculum and you use it your way!

    You will continue to be charged the regular rate throughout the summer unless you make your account dormant. To do that, log in to your parent account and click on Make Student Dormant under Make Changes to My Account. You will be charged 5.99/month for each student who is dormant instead of the regular rate. That fee just pays to have your student's records of progress and scores stored on our server. While dormant, your student will not have access to the lessons, but you will have access to your parent account for planning and record keeping purposes.

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