End of year questions
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    Default End of year questions

    I'm a bit confused as to how do I go about getting my child's grades for the final year because she's in 8th grade but will be starting high-school this coming year and I need to submit her grades and progress to her public school please help Thanks

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    Hi, Cris. You can use the information provided in your student's reports to calculate a grade your own way. These are the same reports that you have been checking each day to see your student's progress with the online work, and to find out if there are any worksheets or writing assignments waiting for you to grade.

    Add up all the scores you want to include fr a subject and then divide that number by the number of scores you included. For example, if you have five scores . . . 80%, 70%, 100%, 85%, and 90% . . . you add those together to get 425. Then divide 425 by the number of scores you added together (5) to get an average score of 85%.

    You can Google "gradepoint average" to get ideas on how to convert the percentage score to a letter grade. Each teacher or school will do it a bit differently but, in general, scores in the nineties convert to an A, eighties are a B, seventies are a C, sixties are a D, and below that is failing.

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