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    Default navigating lessons

    I am a newbie. My daughter has just started the 6th grade level. We've found her laptop sometimes boots her off of an assignment. Is it possible to resume where she was in the lesson or does it automatically have to be started over? Do some buttons save work already completed within an individual lesson or do they have to complete it in order to advance? Can't they pick back up part way through the lesson they'd started?? HELP!

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    Default Re: navigating lessons

    Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats. Some can be resumed where the student left off and some must be started over. Generally speaking, the text based lessons (such as most of the science and social studies lessons) can be advanced by just "turning pages". There is no need to complete the activities on each page. Some of the animated lessons will ask whether the student wants to begin again or start over. The animated lessons that do not ask this need to be started over if she gets booted off.

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