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    Default A Few Questions...........

    I just signed my daughter up for T4L on Friday. She has already got bad scores on a couple math lessons (below 50%). Should I have her keep doing those lessons until she can pass them? I don't see how she learned anything if she didn't pass, and we just keep moving on.

    Also.....T4L doesn't seem to have much review of previously learned math concepts. Most children do not remember a new concept after only doing it once. Does T4L review past learned material at all?

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    Hi. If there were only a few lessons on a certain topic, chances are that WAS a review of a concept introduced in earlier grades. Time4Learning provides easy access to one grade level above and one grade level below the student't registered level. Try looking at the lesson plans, available upon parent login, and locating a similar concept at a lower level.

    Lessons may be completed as many times as desired. Don't forget the worksheets if a student is struggling. For my own kids, I don't worry about scores on science and social studies tests. In fact, I let them take notes and use those on the tests and quizzes. I see no point in them "learning" something and remembering it just long enough to pass a test. With the notes, they are learning a valuable skill (note taking), and they do tend to retain more, because taking notes forces them to ay close attention to the lesson and think about what is most important.

    it is crucial that a student get good scores in math and phonics, though, as these are more than simply memorizing facts. I would look for additional practice if that's where he's struggling. Again, a good place to look for additional practice is in lower levels of the same subject. Also, there are sometimes "teaching guides" in the lesson plans/scope and sequence, which include ideas and worksheets.

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