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    Default freezing issue

    The only problem we have run into so far is we had a freezing issue on the 2nd quiz for homophones in the 7th grade language arts. He had just finished the quiz and it was loading his score then it froze. It showed a Dog and as the body filled up to show his score it stopped on his grade, showed the score but did not continue to finish, just the clapping kept going on and on.

    When we went back check on it said uncompleted, and started him back 2 questions. no a big deal but thought I would share the issue.
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    Yes this happened to us one time, too and we just did the whole lesson over.

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    With five kids doing this, we've had the freezing situation happen twice. I assumed it was my computer. I'll see if this is a known issue. It seems as though it would happen more often if it was a programming glitch.

    Thank you for the report.

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    My dd has been doing T4L since last May. We have only had this issue one time and I am sure it was the computer. I have set up an older computer for her to use and soon after I got it ready for her, she tried to do one of her lessons, but the computer froze. Since then, I just have her do her lessons on my computer which we have never had a problem with.

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