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    ive been doing some research on the child u program. according to them the classes here currently for grades prek-8 are the only ones that exist. they never developed science and history that cover all of 7th and 8th.

    it has been stated here several times that other classes for science are in development. does that mean you are developing them yourselves, purchasing them elsewhere, or have some knowledge of child u's future releases?

    i dont mind waiting for the program to develop, however ive been burned in the past with other programs that promised features that never intended to be added. im not trying to pressure you, but i am trying to get a realistic view of the situation so that i can decide what curriculum choice is best for each of my kids.


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    Time4Learning currently provides science and social studies as a free bonus for grades 1-7. (See "Science and Social Studies" heading on the home page.)

    I've heard that Time4Learning is working with an outside developer to provide some science classes for middle school. The goal is to see what is possible without increasing the price and without compromising quality. I do not think a timeline has been established besides "as quickly as possible", but I'll double-check.

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    Time4Learning provides the programs that it gets from ChildU/Compass with some additions such as the playground and removing some materials that we consider lower quality.

    In some cases, the science and social studies are great. But in some grades, the offering is thin or non-existant, So, Time4Learning positions these subjects as "free bonuses".

    Over time, Time4Learning would like to have a more complete offering but since product plans can change, we urge people to evaluate what we have today and not to sign up based on expectations of new offerings. Otherwise, we would be making promises which we cannot be sure to deliver on.
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