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    There is no more testing for placement. Once placed, we rely on the parents to assess whether the child is finding the work appropriately challenging. We found that the placement test approach produced all sorts of stress and misplacement and consumed inordinate amounts of time.

    If they are struggling and having a difficult time mastering the materials and getting low test scores, we'd recommend moving them down a level.

    And if the materials are not challenging enough, we'd like the parents to request that we move them up a level.

    The info on the subjects covered at each grade level are in the lesson plans
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    I saw on the boards somewhere about assessment tests, does this mean assessment tests (which I believe are different than placement tests) are not done on here at all? please let me know. thanks.

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    Any test to assess what a student has learned could be called an "assessment test" so, in that respect, yes, assessment tests are given. Children take a quiz or test at the end of each chapter and unit.

    These are not standardized tests, such as the CAT-5 or Stanford. Time4Learning provides PRACTICE for standardized tests within the language arts program. Actual standardized tests must be monitored by someone not related to the student, and usually the person must be a certified teacher. Not all states require standardized testing.

    Placement testing is usually done BEFORE a student begins a program, to determine where they should begin. There are more effective ways to determine a starting point in the Time4Learning program.

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