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    Default Geography Play Site

    Here is a TERRIFIC site that WILL teach your child all fifty states, their capitals and geographic regions, rivers and lakes of the US. I'm not certain what age group this would teach best (older kids rather than younger, I believe,) take a look yourselves, but my 7th grader has played through it all and had a great time (he used it for his "game" time rather than going onto the playground, it was that much fun for him.) The site also has the same sort of games for the rest of the world. Oh, I should mention, I also played through it all and am now, for the first time in my life, geography literate! (Go me!) It really is that much fun.

    Hmm, do you think it might be worthwhile for there to be a separate forum area for "interesting other sites" or some such so that if others come across something somewhere else that is working for their kids, they can post the link? Or, is this not what we should be doing on this site at all?

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    Default Geography site .. and more

    I checked out the Geography site and spent nearly an hour there... what a great resource! I supplement T4L curriculum with other tools, as I imagine most people do, and I think links like this are a wonderful idea. We're working on Ancient Greece in Social Studies and I'll use the European map today when we talk about trade routes.

    (By the way, did you see the vocabulary quiz link? Great drills!)

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    Thanks for sharing this great geography site Paula!

    A separate area for sharing links to other educational sites is a good idea IMO.

    I would like to see a "Home Improvement" type category too, a place for members to suggest improvements to the T4L site and the forum.

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    What a great site! I have looked and looked for a geography site and haven't seen what I felt I was looking for. I think this may be exactly what I needed and will be checking it out further later tonight. I just clicked over there and am excited about what I saw. Thanks so very much for sharing this!

    I think a thread/topic for sharing sites is an excellent idea!

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