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    My son is in third grade and is gifted in math. (I won't tell you about some of his other "gifts" such as his ability to ignore his teacher, torture his brother, and find his mother's raw nerves on just the wrong day).

    But, I have found that Time4Learning allows him to explore his interest. We have had him placed in the upper school math program and he quickly decided that 4th wasn't hard enough for him and he mostly spends time on the 5th grade program.

    Anybody else using Time4Learning to accelerate? I initially had him on on 2nd grade language arts and 3rd grade math, I now have him in 3rd language arts and 4/5th grade math

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    There are lots of children who are placed at a higher grade level on the math side than on the language arts. (and visa versa).

    Here's some interesting feedback that I just received:

    Ok...this is just TOO weird. My daughter, TOTALLY unsolicited, just said, "I like problems with orders of operations...In fact...I LIKE math now." If that isn't worth $19.95 a month, I don't know what is. VERY cool.

    And here is another parent blog who on her second day with us, declared it her best homeschooling day yet!.

    Time4Learning is also providing some different types of gifted courses for post-algebra middle school students. They are from the institutute for mathematics and computer science. they are courses with alot of teacher student interaction. Course credit is possible. If you want to see if they are appropriate for your middle school post algebra student, look at the new time4learning gifted pages.
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