Going to fast???
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    Default Going to fast???

    My dd age 5, and my ds age 4 are loving t4l! They want to do it for hours every day! I love it! My question is this--is it bad to let them do several lessons per day? Will this mess up the program, will I end up with nothing left for them to do in a few months? Or is that fine, and when they finish all the lessons, just move them to the next grade level? It seems they started out on the easy side, they really are not challenged much with what they are doing, but I figured it is fun and a good review of basic concepts that I wouldn't necessarily think to review with them. Does everyone else just let their kids do 1 lesson from each subject per day? Or do you let them keep on working? Thanks!

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    Check out the Lesson Plans. This will give you an idea of how many lesson activities there are in each subject at each grade level. This helps many parents plan how much to have their students complete per day.

    When they complete one grade level, they will automatically be moved on to the next level.

    From my personal experience, I would limit them somewhat at first. Children tend to love this program and are willing to work hours on it at first. Like anything else, the novelty wears off quickly that way. I believe we should "always leave them wanting more". Just one lesson per subject might be too much limitation, though.

    As another personal note, I have started all my children lower than their actual grade levels. I agree that the review is valuable and it's a great way to allow time for them to get accustomed to the program before being expected to do "hard stuff" .

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