Grade Level Progress?
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    Default Grade Level Progress?

    I've been browsing around the forums for this, and it seems like others have asked similar questions but I can't find where it has really been addressed.

    I would find it very useful if there was a report that indicated how far my student has progressed in a particular subject/grade level for a specified date range.

    For instance, what I would really like to do is input the dates July 1 - Sept 30 and see on a pie graph, or other chart, that my child has completed 25% of the Grade 3 Science lessons, letting me know we are on track to complete it in its entirety within a year. And then later in the year if I input July 1 - Dec 31 and see that my student only completed 40% over the 6 months, then I'll know we slacked off during the holidays and need to pick up the pace.

    Obviously if it is possible to do this already, I would love to know how. But if not, it would be a really nice feature to have.

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    Here's how to do this, if you are using the curriculum in its suggested sequence:

    Look at your student's report and find the lesson activity number of the last lesson activity that your student completed in a subject.

    Look at the lesson plans/scope and sequence and find that lesson activity number. All of the lessons before that number have been completed. All of the lessons following that number have not.

    (You can easily find the number in the lesson plans on most computers by hitting F11, typing the number in the "find" box, and hitting Enter. The number will be highlighted in the text below. That way, you don't have to read all the numbers in the lesson plan.)

    I like your idea of a pie chart, and I will suggest it. Time4Learning leases the curriculum from the developer, so there are limited options for changing it. This type of chart might be a possible add-on, though.

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