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    my son is in 10th grade. I signed him up for the 4 classes he was taking in public school. he is starting to make bad grades...not sure what to do. we have only been homeschooling for about 3 weeks.

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    Hi, Tracy. Time4Learning is not a school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum, so the parent is the teacher of record. The animated lessons, including videotaped instructors, are a fun and engaging substitute for having your student read lessons from a textbook. Just as a student using a textbook needs a teacher, Time4Learning students also need their parent/teacher's help . . . and it does sound like you are asking for ideas to help him yourself.

    Here are some tips:

    Be sure you log in to your parent account regularly to view your child's reports. We recommend a minimum of once per week, but every day is not too often.

    Preview lessons yourself, so you know if your student is skipping the worksheets that are integrated within the lesson and do not appear in the lesson plans.

    Compare what your student did for the day with the lesson plans/scope and sequence (and/or your Activity Plan), so you know he isn't skipping lessons, quizzes, or tests.

    Grade worksheets or writing assignments regularly, and provide feedback on those to your student. There are answer keys for worksheets and grading guides for each writing assignment within your parent login.

    Note how much time your student spends on each activity. You can find this within the student's reports. Some of the activities are websites to explore or a page of text to read, and it isn't unusual to find that a student has spent six seconds on these activities, having just clicked in, found it uninteresting, marked is as completed, and clicked right back out again.

    Show your student where to print transcripts of the lessons and use them as study guides. You can usually print any screen by typing "ctrl p". My kids often print the summary screen that is the last screen on most lesson segments.

    Use the transcripts to quiz your student yourself, orally, to help him prepare for a test. Or, print completed quizzes and use those questions for oral pre-test study.

    Teach your student how to take notes during lessons. This is an important skill, and it requires the child to pay close attention to the lesson and to think about it so they can decide what is important enough to be written down.

    Sit with your child occasionally (or regularly) as they do their work.

    The above are hints about helping your student learn from the lessons . . . which can actually be different than achieving good test scores! What follows is my personal approach. Since it is shared by many homeschool families whose goals are different than those of the public school system, I'll offer it as food for though.

    Maybe your real goal isn't for your student to remember facts long enough to achieve a good score on a test. If too much time is spent memorizing information that will soon be forgotten, it doesn't leave much time or energy for real learning to take place. Take some of the tests your child is failing yourself, and see what I mean. I'm sure you "learned" most of that material at some point, but you forgot it the next day, and you've gotten along fine without it.

    I let my students use their notes for tests. In this way, the tests become an additional study/learning opportunity. If they can't score at least eighty percent on a test, even with their notes, then I know there is more work to be done, and I might have them repeat the lessons associated with that test. I often sit with them as they do these lessons, so i know what they are confused about. (I've learned so much myself this way!)

    I hope some of this provides the kind of advice you were looking for.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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