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    I am new this year, and my son started the 7th grade level august 12th, and when I look at his progress his grade is only at 58%. My question is, can he go back and redo the lessons he did poorly on, to boost his percentage, or am I missing something? I think him being new at this, he skimmed thru some stuff he shouldnt have and needs to go back, and just wanted to know if they will help his %???

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    He can redo the lessons, quizzes, or tests as many times as he needs to. The old grade won't be replaced with the new grade. All attempts will be averaged in to the total, which is consistent with the way multiple attempts are usually handled at traditional schools. Trying again will boost his grade, but he will receive the average of all attempts.

    Some parents want to calculate grades differently (for instance, by disregarding the first attempt). It's fine to just use the information provided on the reports to calculate your own final grade. My own kids' reports are covered with my chicken scratches! I think it makes them look used and lends credibility!

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    Granted I am new to T4L but this is what I have been doing. I think the quizes are really a great way for them to learn what they need more work on and go back and review. It can be a great tool for learning and retaining also. Their ultimate goal is to retain the material for the test and any end of year standardized tests (and in our case placement tests for the next school year). If my daughter gets a 90 or above I think she has learned the lesson enough to move on to the next lesson or activity. If it is below I have her redo the lesson and the quiz, this time knowing what she needs to put more emphasis on and where her strengths and weaknesses are. The second quiz is her new quiz grade and the first grade is not counted.

    We also do outside T4L activities that have to do with the lessons so these are graded also and included in her final grade. So, basically the grades are left to you. I even use a totally separate grade sheet with our added subjects.

    You can also decide which grades "count more" toward the final grade. You can do it anyway you decide but we do 20% for class assignments (T4L and other), 30% quizes, 50% tests. I want her to know that the tests are her priority, not breezing through assignments and quizes.

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