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    Default grading extra work

    any advice on how I would grade the extra work I give my 1st grader . I know time 4 learning grades the work they do on here. But How do i average in the work sheets and other work we do?

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    Keep in mind that teachers don't grade every, single assignment that they give. Often, they just check to see if it was completed. This is especially true when it's an activity designed to instruct or allow practice. Many classes only grade quizzes and tests.

    If you do choose to average in the worksheets, just keep a separate log of the percentage correct on each worksheet. (In case you have forgotten how to figure percentage correct: Divide the number of correct problems by the number possible. For example, if the student gets twelve out of eighteen questions correct, calculate 12 divided by 18 = .66666 or 67 percent when rounded off.)

    Once you have all your percentages, average them. (Add all of the grades together, and then divide them by how many grades there are.)

    Then, add the average you got for the worksheets to the average in your student's online reports and divide that by two.

    But, it's easier to just decide NOT to grade the written work! And, really, it's just as accurate.

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