Greetings from Houston!
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    Default Greetings from Houston!

    My boyfriend's 12 year old son lives with us and has been struggling to catch up to the rest of the students in 5th grade(he is currently in special ed classes, however his ARD plans to bump him up to the general population by February). He has addition, subtraction, multiplication and simple division down pat, however his difficulties are with long division, fractions, decimals and associated word problems.

    We have only recently registered with Time4Learning. He will start using the program as a supplement to the public school system this week in addition to tutoring during recess at school, at home workbooks and TAKS practice exams. 5th grade is a very important year in Texas as we have the TAKS exams coming up and he can not progress to the 6th grade without passing these state assessment exams.

    We are very excited to see his progress over the coming months!!

    Any advice is more than welcome!!


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    Welcome Wendy!

    Kris C.

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    I am new here too. My son will be 12 in march and is home schooled.

    I hate standardized testing! In fact this year I have abandoned it altogether. I am boycotting the FCAT (we are Floridians).

    I hope the very best for your son though, it sounds like everyone is doing overtime to help him get prepared.

    Take care.

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