Have No Idea What I'm Doing!
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    Hi, I am wanting to start homeschooling my two daughters, 7 & 9. As far as curriculum, is there a guideline or layout I can go by? I don't want to teach just whatever. How do I know what I am supposed to teach, when? I want to make sure I'm teaching them the right stuff. Thanks so much!

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    We use Time4Learning as our base curriculum. Before that I tried coming up with lessons on my own using some websites as a guide and burned out the first week. Time4Learning was a lifesaver. For a more of an account of our initial struggle you can look at:

    Homeschooling in Buffalo: How to homeschool?

    Don't click on the Time4Learning link it that though because that part of my blog is under construction. Pretty soon I will be writing my more formal review of it. I really like it though. I helps me make sure that we aren't missing anything critical while we use the rest of the time to pursue our own interests or experiment.

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