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    Default Hello!

    I have a 7 year old daughter and she is heading into "2nd grade." We've been homeschooling/unschooling for 2 years now and it has been working out well for us.

    She began hinting at wanting more structure, asking why she never has 'homework' so I thought a program like this would help her with that aspect. I also attend school online so she is excited she gets to go to school on the computer like mommy does.

    I'm also hoping this will help her gain a little more confidence. She is highly intelligent, yet lacking some self-confidence. I guess she'd like more feedback for somewhere other than just mom, lol.

    It's great to be here

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    Hello bookgirl and welcome to the Parent Forum!

    Your daughter sounds awesome and, like my son, just needed a bit more structure. I saw a big improvement in my son's self-confidence from the start as he completed the lessons on Time4Learning. It gave him a sense of accomplishment, something that was lacking for him in the public school setting where so much focus was placed on negative things, like forgetting to bring his homework to class (he would DO the work but then lose it or forget to take it to school with him). With T4L there is no misplacing his work, it's right there on the computer where we can view it and print out reports of his attendance and progress..so it's convenient for ME too.

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    Welcome Bookgirl,

    Thats a great image, your daughter wanting to study like mom and have homework like you.

    One or two afternoons / week, I have my daughter in my "office" and she and I are both on our computers working. It's very cosy.
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    Default Structure

    Welcome Bookgirl!

    I'm sure your darling daughter will feel really conifdent with this program. I think it's great that we are able to adjust the level of structure as well. Her being able to see all the work she has done will be really good too.

    Have you checked out our lesson plans?
    We also have the Answer Keys and Teacher Resource Guides up now.

    Great having you here!
    T4L Parent

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