hello am so glad to be back!
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    Default hello am so glad to be back!

    Hello Misty here and we are back. Tanner started homeschooling last year but after christmas returned to public school. Big mistake. Tanner was tested and his iq was 119, however he has a learning disabilitey called bylateral dysgraphia, which basicaly means he cant write after many long meetings and them informing me that he was a smart kid and he had adapted to his problem and him telling me they made him feel stupid because he cannot write and was failing spelling. So here we are again and he loves it here in his virtual school with no writing and no feeling stupid.
    Thanks T4L!
    Any body else have any dealings with dysgraphia? I would greatly like to help him overcome tis and write better though they say it hopeless......i dont consider hopeless an option for him any advice would be greatly appriciated.
    Thanks Misty

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    Default Re: hello am so glad to be back!

    welcome back misty!! i'm so sotrry to hear you went thru such a rough time with tanner - that really stinks. i've never heard of dysgraphia but you're right to not give up hope!! children are capable of some amazing things!

    now, i'm not a medical professional, so i may be way off base here ... but i say, be sneaky and start having him do things when he's not aware he's doing them ... like have him sign his name in cards "to gramma" (you can get a big box of cards at the dollar store), or when you're in the car, have him help you with the grocery list (did that one with jack). maybe after dinner a couple of times a week have famiy drawing timing - oh! pictionary! anything to jumpstart the wires between his hand, eyes and brain. anything you can think of doing to improve hand/eye coordination might help like playing catch or video games.

    hth! and even tho the circumstances were rough, i really am glad you're back
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    Default Re: hello am so glad to be back!

    I don't have any experience with dysgraphia, but I did want to welcome you back.

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