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    Default Hello everyone

    I just thought I would introduce myself. I am Rachelle and I signed my 8 year old up this weekend. I pulled him out of public school last week since we have had so many problems so far this year and school hasn't even been in for a month. First off I had to have them move him to another class as his teacher did nothing but yell. The straw that finally totally pushed me into homeschooling him though was the fact that he was bringing home Ds and Fs on his reading work. He said the teacher didn't give him enough time to do it. He is a slow reader and has always had trouble but they say he doesn't qualify for any extra help as he didn't do poorly enough on his placement test. His teacher told me he would just have to get faster or he would continue to fail.
    My 8th grader is still in PS as she is doing fine. Though after I get a handle on homeschooling the younger one she may be leaving PS also as I am not fond of the districts thinking that they are totally in charge of my child for everything.
    We are a military family and I am a full time college student. I will be taking 19 credit hours this term once school starts for me on the 24th.
    I am excited to be here and use Time4learning for my son.

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    Default Re: Hello everyone

    Welcome! We're looking forward to hearing how things work out for you and your sons. You might be interested in this information about accidental homeschoolers.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Hello everyone

    wow ... welcome!!! that's insane!! glad you made the leap. enjoy it and let us know if you need anything.
    ~ Yca ~
    (otherwise known as Jess )

    Wife to Dave and Mom to Red - 13, The Princess - 11, Fluffyheaded Diva - 6, and Sir Smiley - 3
    Read about our adventures HERE!

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