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    Default Hello, and question

    My name is Jamie, and I homeschool my 3 kids. Justin is 8.5, Jax is 6, and Jordyn is 5. I also work outside the home 30 hours a week.

    Jax is in Kindergarten. He's having a hard time with identifying medial sounds. I looked for worksheets and couldn't find any. If the kids don't get an 80%, we redo them, so we've already repeated the lessons. Any suggestions on how to help him out?

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    Have him do word families.....like the "at" family....at, bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, Nat, pat, rat, sat, that, vat........... you say the initial sound then the family combination sound....then put the two together (buh at = bat). There are word families for every short and long vowel....they should be TEACHING him this in school. Medial sounds in the begining are almost always a short vowel sound. It's only October......they should spend 2-3 weeks on each short vowel sound WITH WORD FAMILIES before moving on.........are they moving too fast in his class???? You need to talk with the teacher and ask to see her lesson plans for the year.....what is she expected to cover (by the school) by the end of the year. Too much too soon can be very damaging to your kid. deni...

    P.S. K-3 is basically skills-based. All kids need to MASTER basic skills before they can move on. It's really important that kids are allowed to reach mastery in their own time.....doesn't matter how OLD they are, what matters is that they MASTER the needed skills beFORE being pushed into the next "grade."
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    Default Re: Hello, and question

    Hi, my name is Rose. I am from Goshen, Ohio. I started homeschooling my ll years old daughter this year. It was a little scary at first, hoping I don't mess her up, but it is getting easier everyday. I love Time4learning and so does she. Anyone out there from my area?

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