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    Hi everyone. I am brand new at T4L. I have 4 kids...19,14,13, and 8. My 13 year old has an LD is currently the only one being homeschooled. The 14 and 8 year old both attend public school. This is where I am struggling. My 14 year old is SOOO bright but is flunking almost everything. He will not do the homework and could care less about it. He aces his tests and that is good enough for him. DH and I are struggling with whether to keep him in school where he must learn the skills of doing daily work -or- pulling him out (which he wants) and home schooling him. Honestly, I am afraid if I pull him I will be rescuing him from his own poor behavior and I worry that he will be missing out. Lemme qualify that last part: I am a certified teacher. I know my limitations and he will not get all he can from me w/regards to math and science...not a by a long shot.

    Anyhow, hello. The only other thing I will add is that I am not the neurotic mess I am portraying myself as in this post. LOL

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    lol ... no more neurotic than the rest of us, i assure you!! don't be so quick to sell yourself short - you'd be amazed what you can do once you start going!!
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