Help for fifth grade, please !
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    Default Help for fifth grade, please !

    I'm new to T4L, but not to homeschooling. I am wondering about the list of spelling words that are provided, when do they get used? So far I haven't seen anything specifically about when to teach my son the words. Does it come later in the school year? So far I am loving this program for him, and he seems to like it. I was worried a little, he has autism, but so far so good! Yay! Also, is there anyone in here from the Scott Air Force Base area in Illinois? Thanks!

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    Hi! In fifth grade, the spelling lists are within the language arts extensions. I have my kids skip ahead and do a couple "pages" of spelling each day, so their spelling lessons are distributed evenly throughout the year. They do spelling in addition to their other language arts activities.

    Here is an article about spelling with Time4Learning.

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