Help help help!!!!!!
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    Default Help help help!!!!!!

    I can't remember how to print up completed quizzes!!!! I didn't print up anything all summer, and we started up school again yesterday and I can't remember how to print the completed quizzes and I'm freaking out!!

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    No freaking out allowed! LOL!

    Some of the tests and quizzes, once completed, appear as links in your student's report. If you click on those links, it brings up a printable page.

    Not ALL of the tests and quizzes are printable. If that is the case, only the grade will appear in your student's report (without the link).

    If I'm misunderstanding and what you are really asking is how to access and print the reports, here's that info:

    To view or print your student's report, log in as your student and access the portfolio (backpack icon) at the upper, left of his launchpad. The portfolio defaults to the "Recent Work" tab, which is simply a quick way for you to check on ALL program access. Information in Recent Work will remain for a maximum of one month.

    Print your reports from the "Reports" tab. These reports can be customized in a variety of ways. You may select a report on a single subject (arithmetic, language arts), a single activity type (just tests), or any date span.

    Many tests and quizzes will appear as a link in the Reports and the specific questions can be viewed or printed from there.

    Odyssey writing assignments will appear as a link an may also be viewed or printed from the Reports.

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