Help.. Kids do not want to do Time 4 learning :(
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    Default Help.. Kids do not want to do Time 4 learning :(

    My children dread doing time 4 learning. They say it is boring I however have seen so many learning gains from the program. My 1st grader is reading 90 percent better than before starting the program. My son age 8 has also come leaps and bounds with his reading. What should I do. I took a break and started using hands on stuff and they love that . They said they never want to do time 4 learning again Sadly I love love love the program... Thank you for any advice ..

    Susan Khan

    DD 1st grade
    DS 2nd grade

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    The hands-on stuff is fun and valuable, and there is definitely a place for it, no matter what curriculum you are using. It's time-consuming, though, and we moms can only stretch ourselves so far. Time4Learning is the backbone of our curriculum because it even grades assignments for me, saving that tedious job.

    When there's time, we also do unit studies and hands-on stuff. Literally ANY curriculum we use becomes "boring" to my kids eventually. In my household, it's my decision. My primary criteria is that it works. If it's also fun, that's a big bonus. I remind the kids that there would be NO choice in public school.

    Good luck to you!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    I have only been homeschooling my 5 1/2 year old for 2 months now, and while he too says "It's boring!", I finally figured out what he meant is it is boring compared to playing toys in his room or running around being a cowboy...but like your 1st grader he is half way through 1st grade phonics curruculum and reading far better than he was just 2 short months ago - all because of T4L. I would say keep at it, if it is working. But the beauty of homeschooling is we have a choice! If the kids are learning better through other means, embrace the fact that they are enjoying learning.

    With my son, I have kept up witht he daily T4L as my requirement, but then he gets to choose the other stuff - like the two weeks we spent reading about nothing but Cowboys and the Wild West! Mom learned a few new things, too! And giving him a little decision making made him a lot more open to learning because he was enjoying it!

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    We use Time4Learning as our "spine". We incorporate outside books and hands-on experiments and activities for enrichment. My oldest daughter started 9th grade with elearningk12 (similar to T4L) and I do the same with her. Helps to keep things interesting.

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    I am curious as to what is going on or what it is they think they will do instead?

    If its hands on stuff with mom maybe what they are really wanting is mommy time. Use it as a reward instead of playground time.

    I have just started but I am also concerned of my daughter getting burned out but she is not forced to do it so it does not feel like a punishment but I do act like she is doing me a huge favor by doing it. This I know could and will be turned against me when she is mad at me and does not want to do me any favors but I have other tactics ready when that time comes and she will learn another lesson on how helping yourself first can make it so you can help others. I will not make it a chore she is aware we pay for the services and it can and will be canceled if she is done with it but that means no playground time where she can pick her OWN sites the choices of computer time will be made for her.

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