Help for a newbie, please :0)
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    Default Help for a newbie, please :0)

    I was wondering.. is there a way for me to log on and see what the next lessons will be, without it marking the lesson as done or incomplete? Also, can someone explain what the LA section really is? Is that where I would find the worksheets?

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    You can log in as your child and view the lessons from his/her dashboard, as long as you don't mark the lesson as complete. Here is information about marking lessons complete. Your preview will show up in your student's portfolio under the Recent Work tab, which is just a quick way to check on program access. Only his COMPLETED work (or lessons marked complete) will show up under his Reports tab, which is where you want to go to view and print reports for him.

    LA can mean several things, so I need to know where you are seeing the abbreviation.

    You can print worksheets by logging in as a parent and printing directly from the lesson plans. You can also print them by logging in as your student and looking immediately beneath the lesson icons for links marked "Resource". Clicking those links brings up worksheets associated with the online lesson. Some parents like to print out all the worksheets in advance and some just tell their kids to print worksheets when they get to them.

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    I need help. My daughter is on her second week and likes it so far. But I on the other hand am having trouble figuring out how to tell if she passed the quiz/test. I guess my question is, what does she need to pass the quiz/test.
    Thanks for your help


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