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    Hello everyone, my name is Beverly. I live in Prince Georges County, MD. We are the proud parents of an 8 year old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is currently attending public school however we are seriously comtemplating homeschooling him for his 4th grade year. I feel somewhat conflicted about our decision. I think he would benefit from homeschooling because of his autism, I just don't know if this is the right thing for him. In accordance with his IEP, he has a modified curriculum. Also his reading level is kindergarten to 1st grade. Will I be able to choose a curriculum that best fit his level of learning? In addition he receives speech therapy each week. How do I tackle this much needed service? I don't want to be overwhelmed or feel regret for choosing homeschooling. He is experiencing a lot of negatives associated with public school and autism children. I want him in a less stressful environment but I want him to have the best possible venue to succeed in his academics. Please advise me as to how to start and what curriculum should I choose for him. Thank you.

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    Hi, Ann. You might be interested in connecting with other parents in our special needs forum.

    Some states will allow you to access services, such as speech therapy, even if you are homeschooling. You might also want to connect with local parents in the Maryland Homeschoolers' Online Support Group to clarify the laws in Maryland.

    Time4Learning absolutely lets you choose the level that best fits your student's ability. Your student can also work at vastly different levels in different subjects.

    I have a six-year-old son with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism. I add TeachTown to Time4Learning's preschool curriculum. He loves learning on the computer, and those two programs are a terrific mix for him.

    On Time4Learning, the computer reads all instructions to your student aloud. The only time your student will need to read is when he is specifically studying how to read. Even in third grade and up, there is a good selection of lessons where the lessons are read aloud. You will receive easy access to the grade level above and the grade level below his registered level in each subject, so there's a lot of material from which you may pick and choose.

    Good luck to you!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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