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    Default Hi! From Harrisonville, missouri

    Hi! I'm Grandma Ellyn and my grandson Landon who is 6 in 1st grade. I pulled him out of public school because I had him advanced in academics he went from an A+ to a D- and had behavior issues. So I said enough was enough. He is excited about starting homeschooling. I want to do it right. Does anyone have any suggestions on setting timers on subjects or is it a play by ear type of thing with your child. I would appreciate any help. Thanks alot

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    Hi. I've done different things with each of my children. I definitely think you can experiment to see what works best for your grandson.

    Some of my kids really found the playground motivating, and they stopped whatever they were doing when their lesson time ended to dash over and play some games. Others found it distracting and preferred to finish the lesson they were on before getting their playground time. One son liked to have half an hour of playground after each completed subject.

    A good place to start with a six-year-old might be a half hour of lesson time, followed by fifteen minutes of playground, with the understanding that it could change later.

    Welcome to both of you!

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