Hi, i'm new here
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    Default Hi, i'm new here

    I am so happy to have found t4l.
    I'm Jen, a single mom and an ER RN. My son is 7 years old and has been in 1st grade in an inner city school system. I plan on withdrawing him from public school next week, and we will use t4l as our homeschooling cirriculum.

    I opened the t4l site and logged in this afternoon, just to check it out and experiment. My son immediately dropped his playstation controller and was glued to my computer and the math section of t4l.

    I've considered homeschooling so many times in the past, but it just wasn't convenient for our family. Now i'm wondering how many hours per day should my son do t4l? How many lessons should he do?

    I sincerely hope that t4l works out for my son.

    ~Jen RN~
    single mom to homebirthed, and homeschooled Hunter Sage

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    Hi Jen,

    How much your son should be doing each day can depend on so many factors...

    1. Is this his core curriculum? (someone only using T4L as a supplement will probably do less in a day than someone using it as a core curriculum)

    2. How long do you want your school year to be? (Do you want your child to finish up in a certain number of months? If so, you might take a look at the scope and sequence and divide the number of lessons by the number of days in your year and do that number of activities/lessons each day.)

    3. How much does he *want* to do each day? (It's all up to what YOU feel is right. That is one of the best parts about T4L IMHO )

    Hope this helped.

    Kris C.
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    Hello Jen

    I am new too but have found this site very helpful with my son Logan.

    I wish all best with your homeschool adventure


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    Congratulations on your decision to homeschool. I hope all goes well.
    Make sure you check your state guidelines. (www.HSLDA.org)
    some states regulate the hours per day, or how you keep track of stuff. They are all different.
    I do my main schooling with my 9 year old when the baby is napping for 2 hours, and she does a little more independant work when the baby is awake. total is about 3-4 hours per day. With this program she has been willing to do some school work on the weekend without complaining.

    I'm Happy
    Mom and Teacher to

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