Hi! I'm new (sort of)
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    Default Hi! I'm new (sort of)

    My name is Kristi and I'm homeschooling my 13 year old son for 2 years. I used T4L a couple of years ago, when I first started, but we were taking so many trips that it just wasn't working out.
    But now we are spending more time on classwork so I thought I'd try again. My son, Justin, has many issues, which is the reason I brought him home. He has Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is a disease of the retina. It will eventually lead to blindness as he grows older. He has ADHD and anxiety orders. And to top everything off, he has Tourettes Syndrome. And because of that, he can't take ANY medications. So public school did not work. Between the teachers and the students, Justin lost all his self confidence. So I guess that quailfies me as an accidental homeschooler. I hope to eventually put him in a blind school, but he fell so far behind that I had to literally start from scratch in his schoolwork. It took all last year for him to comprehend multiplication tables. Now that he understands them, he's able to move on in math. Which led me to T4L. He was doing his math the other day (exponents) and said that it was easy! Math and Easy have never been used in the same sentence in this house! Language Arts has been awesome too. I use the social studies too, but add suplements like lapbooks and the history channel.

    Now for my question. When I go to his backpack to check his work every evening, his scores will be different percentages. He tells me if he got all of them right but unless I go thru the whole thing I don't know. If the score is in blue, does that mean he didn't pass? And how do I test again if this is the case? If it's in black, does that mean that he did ok? And one more. What's the difference between "Mastered" and "completed"?

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    Hello, Kristi. Nice to have you you back.

    Click here for some good information about progress reports. There are three pages, so be sure to click the arroMasw at the upper right of the screen to view all of the pages.

    Scores in blue will link you to the test or quiz, so you can see the actual questions and his responses if you wish.

    When your student scores above 70% on an activity that is designed to assess mastery, he receives a "Mastered" designation. Some activities are designed to teach instead of to assess, and these will be marked "Complete" instead of "Mastered".

    To repeat a test, he just needs to log in as usual and click on the test icon again. Tests and quizzes will be different each time they are attempted, but will cover the same material.

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