Homeschooling again!
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Thread: Homeschooling again!

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    Hi! We are new again to T4L and things have changed some since we left and came back...The program no longer has arrows directing the child? Also, I am a little frustrated because my 8 year old 3rd grader is hating the program because 90% of her assignments are 8-10 page readings with no fun/interactive activities. She's finding it very boring. I was really excited to join again and now I am second guessing my decision...As of now I lowered my 3rd grader to a second grade level so she would at least enjoy her school.

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    Hi, Tracy. Welcome back!

    Third grade can be an eye-opener for students in most programs. The third grade curriculum hasn't changed at Time4Learning for many years. Students who are used to the little animated science and social studies lessons in K-3rd grade are sometimes surprised at the more grown-up lessons in these subjects. The lessons are still interactive (where they can click on a word to hear it defined or answer questions from a dropdown menu), and my own kids found they preferred those to reading in a plain textbook.

    The language arts and math lessons are still animated, and there are a few animated science lessons in third grade science. You can log in to your parent account to access a list of JUST the animated science lessons throughout the whole curriculum.

    You're right - There are no longer arrows. Just click on the first icon that doesn't have a checkmark, and you will be brought to another page of icons. Click on the first icon on that page that doesn't have a checkmar, and you will be brought to another page of icons. Click on the first un-checkmarked item on that page and you will be taken to a lesson activity.

    The subject icon (math, language arts, etc.) represents a textbook. The next page of icons represents chapters in a book. The next page of icons represents lessons in a chapter. The final page of icons represents activities in a lesson.

    If you're looking for more animated activities for your child, you might check out Science4Us.
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