Homeschooling in Texas
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    Default Homeschooling in Texas

    HI! I have been homeschooling my kindergartener for about a month now. I have struggled through a workbook curriculum with him for the month with both of us bored and tired . I stumbled onto T4L and am thankful. My son loves it, but I am still feeling like we are unorganized. A lot of the K lessons are stuff he learned in pre-k and in the 1/2 year of private K we did. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to better get started? He loves the computer. I am just not sure if I need to up him a level or have him go through all the lessons on letters and pre addition math even tho he knows it. Also, can anyone give me an idea of how much time should be spent each day? I need direction. Avery is a free spirit with ADHD and if I don't have goals, he will never get anything done. I just don't know if I'm trying to do too much in a day. I am thankful for any suggestions .

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    In kindergarten, your formal "school" work should take very little time, no matter what curriculum you use. Less than two hours is typical.

    I can't give grade level advice regarding your particular child, but I can tell you what I did.

    My kindergartner was reading when we started Time4Learning, but I chose to have her do the kindergarten language lessons for several reasons. I felt a review of phonics wouldn't hurt, especially since the lessons are so short. I didn't want her to miss the neat kindergarten lessons about identifying the parts of a book, patterns, sequencing, and parts of speech. Finally, I wanted her to get accustomed to working with the program on the computer before she started attempting lessons that might be "hard" for her.

    I chose to use the kindergarten math because first grade math is much more difficult. The student needs to be comfortable counting to a hundred before attempting the first grade math curriculum, and she was just beginning to understand two-digit numbers at that point.

    There are some great printable resources for kindergarten that you might want to add to his lessons. Sign in as a parent and click on Time4Learning Lesson Plans under the"Additional Resources" heading. View the worksheets and guides. There's some wonderful material there.

    Have you read the hints? You can change the level yourself, just to try it out: Level Navigation

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