how to avoid having to repeat lessons
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    Default how to avoid having to repeat lessons


    i am totally new, and perplexed about why my son had to repeat lessons he already did. perhaps he did not exit in the proper way that saves it?

    I realize this is probably a very obvious thing.

    A related question is whether there is a way to skip over things in the curriculum that are too easy, since this will make my kids bored. I dont mind just doing the lessons i know are too easy myself, but if there is a way to adjust it that would be great too.



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    Hi, and welcome!

    Time4Learning does not require lessons to be repeated or even completed once. Do you mean that his lesson wasn't marked as complete? If so, then this information about marking lessons complete should help.

    Your student can always skip anything you choose to have them skip. The flashing arrow is designed to work when the program is completed as designed. If you choose to skip around or skip lessons, your child won't be able to rely on the arrow for navigation. Some parents print the lesson plans and just mark on there whether a lesson was completed or skipped.

    There is no way to mark the lesson icon "completed" without completing the lesson, but those designations are mostly for student motivation, anyway. You can always go to your student's portfolio to see what he has done.

    There is one exception to marking lesson icons "completed". In subjects that include the separate "Test" icon at the bottom of the page, when a test is passed, all of the lessons associated with that test will be marked "mastered", whether they have actually been done or not.

    Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats, which is actually one thing I and my kids like about it. We have tried online curriculum before where every lesson is set up exactly the same way. It gets boring pretty fast! There is a bit of "getting acquainted" time when you are presented with so many different lesson formats, though.

    I usually tell people to give it a few weeks and then THEY will be on here answering other people's questions!

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    the BEST thing about this program is that you don't have to answer to anyone about what material is or is not completed. if there is something too easy, you can move your child right along without hesitation. adversely, if your child is having difficulty with a specific topic, you can linger on it as long as you need to.

    we have found the best way to judge is to have your child take the chapter tests. if he passes it with flying colors, you know this is material he has already covered and is comfortable with. if he fails it miserably, you know this is unfamiliar territory and needs to be reviewed or covered again. somewhere in the middle? well ... i think you get the picture by now

    feel free to ask us questions anytime - we've all asked these at one time or another.
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