How can I get more hands on writing for my kids?
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    Default How can I get more hands on writing for my kids?

    [B] Hi, I love time4learning I am just concerned about my kids not getting to write by hand much. I thought there were print outs and assignments, but I need to know where to find them. I have been using it as a core curriculum, but I'm wondering if most supplement for the fact of hands on work? Thanks

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    Most writing practice is found within the language arts extensions, and begins about halfway through. The exact location varies by grade level. If you can tell me your student's language arts grade level, I can help you locate the writing assignments.

    Writing practice occurs on a regular basis. Until third grade, students use Story Creator. There are two versions of Story Creator. One actually provides the option of printing the student's illustrations, and then writing the story by hand on lines provided below the illustration.

    From third grade up, writing assignments are done on Odyssey Writer.

    If you want your student to do the writing assignments on paper, there's no reason that can't be done. Parents grade the writing assignments, so it won't even affect the grade. Don't forget to mark the assignment as completed.

    Parents looking for a writing course that provides a teacher to grade and evaluate their student's work often sign up for a Time4Writing course.

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