How to complain about T4L's new look
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    Default How to complain about T4L's new look

    Call Compass Learning directly, select the "odyssey" option, then say you want to register a complaint about the new look and request that they give users the option to return to the original interface design if they so choose. (They'll tell you to complain to T4L, but assure them you know this is CL's doing, not T4L's,)

    CL's customer service # is: 800-678-1412

    My chief complaints were that it's unappealing to young children and it's difficult to navigate for children with special needs like my own who need the visual cues for comprehension.

    Hopefully if enough of us complain, they'll listen (unlike Apple who bullied users into a change of look and functionality with their ios7 release).

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    Hello all, I just got off the phone with CL and yes it is true that they will tell you to complain to T4L. What I was told is to screen shot the problems, document problems or complaints and forward them to T4L which will in turn forward it on to CL; however she assured me that this is not going to change and there will never be an option to return to the original interface design. As well I was told that the reason for the change was complaints about the original interface and that is why they changed it. So we are apparently stuck with the new design like it or not.
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