How do I find my child's attendance record ?
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    Default How do I find my child's attendance record ?

    Is there a way to get attendance information besides counting manually?

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    What I do is click on the book bag, and then choose reports and choose month. You can see every day work was done. Hope this helped

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    yeah ... all i do is write down what day he did work, but i don't have to keep an exact accounting. a friend of mine has to keep track of exactly how many days they do school because she's in an umbrella school. she has kind of a complex system, but it works for her and helps her keep on top of attendance. she has an attendance folder. every week, she prints out a basic breakdown of what her kids did on what day during the week. then, she prints out a month's calendar at the end of every month showing what days they had classes. then, at the end of the year, she prints out a "grid" of each calendar month really small on one piece of paper at the end of the year. the days that her kids did school are colored in and at the bottom of the month it will say like 15 days or whatever it is and then at the bottom it says 180 total or something. at the end of each year, she puts it all in one envelope and files it.
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