How do I give assigments?
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    Default How do I give assigments?

    What a lame title for this post , but it's really what I need to know. Is there a way to use my parental controls to electronically give my son assignments or do I just preview the lesson plan, write down what I want them to do and go from there?



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    Default Re: How do I give assigments?

    I don't even bother to write it down. I figure out how many lesson activities I want my kids to do each day in each subject and then, at the beginning of our school year, I tell them something like, "Do two language arts, one language arts extension, one social studies, one science, and two math activities per day. Do the associated quizzes and tests as soon as you finish the lesson activity. You only have to do the printables for math. Do one PAGE of a spelling activity per day (in grades four, five, and six)."

    If they encounter an activity that looks like it will take them more than half an hour to complete (such as a writing assignment that requires research), I have my kids let me know and we adjust the schedule a bit.

    To come up with the amount I want them to do each day, I count the number of lesson activities in a subject and divide it by 140. Since a typical school year is 180 days, that gives us forty days of "wiggle room" to make the kinds of scheduling adjustments referred to above or in case someone gets sick or anything else unexpected happens.

    Be sure to read the Getting Started Guide and all of the [url]Hints[/url]. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get used to any new curriculum, but the information in those guides can help.

    Of course, never hesitate to post your questions here!

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    Default Re: How do I give assigments?

    no worries - lamers are welcome here, too! goodness knows when i first started, i had a lot of stupid questions myself - kelly can back that up!

    with my son, it helps for him to actually see what he's doing, so i write down his assignments on a piece of paper and he checks off each lesson as they're done. it also helps me as i'm walking by him to see how he has progressed through the day. unlike the other moms who usually have a set number of assignments their kids do each day, mine vary all the time. i judge his assignments on our plans for the week, how he's feeling, his behavior (i start limiting math - his favorite subject - when he starts acting up ... strange, but it works), and aso what he's studying that week. if i see that language arts or math has a difficult concept the he's going to struggle with, i limit other subjects so that he can focus on that. also, because we go year round, it isn't necessary for him to do every subject every day.

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