how do you assign assignments for middle grades?
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    Default how do you assign assignments for middle grades?

    Could some one please walk me through how to assign assignments in the upper level grades. I think I have searched every where and still unable to figure it out. Thanks .


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    Time4Learning is set up so that the lessons are automatically assigned. If you click on one of the subject icons (language arts, math, science, or social studies), you'll see some topics or themes. Click on those folders and you'll find the interactive lessons, printable worksheets, and quizzes.

    For a visualization of this, look at: (which is reachable from the member login page as hints).

    If you would like to see the list of upcoming assignments, there are lesson plans (scope and sequence) that are listed as a reference tool: . This listing should be completed by the end of June.

    Lastly, some parents have requested the answer keys that are part of some teacher guides. These are not available for all lessons or all subjects but they are being posted. Login as a parent and you'll see it as an option. Again, all that are available will be posted by mid June. If you urgently need some before then, email us and we'll move them up in the priority list.

    lastly, we really appreciate feedback. You can post it here, email us, or best yet, write a review for your parent's group or your own blog.

    Note - the "assignments" list on the pages are a feature not used by Time4Learning since it is incompatible with the automated assignments.
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