How Do You Record Grades?
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Thread: How Do You Record Grades?

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    Default How Do You Record Grades?

    We just started today, 9th grade, and I had two worksheets to grade for her, which I did, but is there a place to put the grades in this program? I know she gets graded by the program for the online assignments, but what about the stuff I grade? How do I enter that? For the time being I just put it in the note section of the lesson plan for that day because I wasn't sure where else to put it. Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: How Do You Record Grades?

    I use an online grade book. Homeschool Tracker. I've been using it for over a decade and it works well. I just transfer all grades there and then I can add anything I want.

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    Default Re: How Do You Record Grades?

    Hi, BethAnn. The program scores online work. It does not issue a course grade. Parents use the scores, along with anything else they add themselves, to calculate a grade using their preferred method. A lot of people use homeschool tracker. You can also buy a teacher's gradebook in a stationery store or print a grade sheet you find online . . . or design your own. There are many ways to calculate a grade.
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    Default Re: How Do You Record Grades?

    I use what the course shows and what e do as mentioned. I come up with my own interpretation based on how well I believe she is understanding the subject matter.

    Homeschool tracker sounds interesting. Is it free?
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