How do you work through the language part? And boredom?
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    Default How do you work through the language part? And boredom?

    DD is in second grade. She enjoys T4L, but does get a bit bored in the Language Arts part. I was just reading Hearthstone's post about doing all the language arts before doing the LA extensions. What does everyone else do?

    I ask dd to do 2 LA Ext and 2 language arts each day. (That's the minimum to get through the material before the end of the school year, I think...) She usually does 6+ each, though. Her choice.
    She just informed me that she is just about ready for level 3 in LA Ext, which means she has plowed through level 2. She will sometimes score an 88%, but usually scores 100%. At what point do you worry about boredom?
    Does boredom occur because the material is not interesting or because it is not challenging?

    I'm not sure how her reading compares, but currently she is reading through the Little House on the Prairie series with me(bedtime), Charlotte's Web (school-time reading), and the old Nancy Drew series for car reading / fun.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: How do you work through the language part? And boredom?

    The lessons are varied in presentation, so as long as your child likes using the computer, she will probably not get bored.

    My 8 year old does one or two lessons in LA and LA ext each day on average, and has used that routine for over a year.

    There are often additional activities to do on the side listed in the lessons. For example, yesterday, we cut and colored singular and plural nouns on pictures to match up and place in her "noun basket." Not really necessary - she understood nouns already, but it was a nice artsy break from the computer. I think it was a resource page, which we often skip, but again...its a nice change to help reinforce the lesson.

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