How does Time4Learning fit in to your total homeschool program?
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    Default How does Time4Learning fit in to your total homeschool program?

    How are you using Time4Learning this year? Is it your core curriculum? Do you supplement with other things? Is Time4Learning a supplement to another curriculum for you?

    Please share your curriculum choices for the 2011-2012 school year!

    I'll start! We use Time4Learning every day. I love Handwriting Without Tears for penmanship, and two of my kids are still young enough to need penmanship instruction. I'm using SpellingCity for spelling, with word lists that I'll make up from words they misspell in their journals. They write in their journals every day, too.

    I'm excited that two of my kids will start piano lessons this year, because it's something I keep planning to teach them every year, and it doesn't get done because I'm focusing on academics. So, this year, they'll have a "real" piano teacher.

    My highschooler is doing some history studies designed by the Notgrass family, and Time4Learning algebra.

    My six-year-old with special needs is enjoying Time4Learning preschool with a touch screen, since he doesn't have the motor skills to control a mouse. The touch screen has opened up a whole new world for him!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what others are doing this year!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    How are you using Time4Learning this year? Is it your core curriculum?
    This year I don't suppose the little man has a curriculum product that I would call his core. He just has a number of different things that he is doing. I am viewing T4L as standardized test prep. It doesn't take ds very long. He is completing at least one activity each day in LA, LAx, math, science, and social studies and it hardly ever takes more than an hour.

    We just wrapped up week 5 of our 36 week calendar school year on Saturday. We never really stop or start, but for reporting purposes the Doodlebug is 5/36 through third grade. We began T4L on Monday, July 25, so this was actually our 6th week with T4L. The daily goal is to do Kumon math, T4L, eclectic American History reading, and Classical Conversations Memory Work diligently. IEW composition and violin along with other math, spelling, and phonics we will include regularly- perhaps two or three times each week. I'm sure Doodle will do other things as interests emerge and time allows.

    As far as extra activities Doodlebug takes violin- not too seriously. This week he will begin doing some fun math with a tutor and his weekly art/drama class starts back up. Then, next week Classical Conversations starts back up.

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