How does your child do on the state test at the end of the year?
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    Smile How does your child do on the state test at the end of the year?

    How well does your child do when they have to get tested by the state at the end of the year? I use mainly time4learning as my curriculum for my daughter and she seems to be doing o.k. I am curious has any child ever failed the state test or do they do very well compared to public school children.

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    We are using T4L alongside some other things. Ds is in third grade this year and will be taking the stanford10 this spring with his umbrella school. I am sure he will do fine.

    Just remember that your teaching, your daughter's achievement and the success of your home education adventure in meeting the goals that you have for your chid cannot be measured with one standardized test. Obviously, if the test looks at percentiles, then, sure, half the kids are in the top half, but that also means that half the kids are not. All people have off days and if the test were given on a different day or at a different time of day then perhaps some of those scores would flip flop. You, on the other hand, work with your daughter every single day at all hours of the day. You have seen her perform at her best and her worst. So, you will, more than anyone else, know if her scores reflect her ability.

    Funny stories- One year my middle son took the stanford and scored off the charts in vocabulary, but his math score was just slightly above average. The funny part- he is a math guy! It must have just been a fluke that the vocabulary on the test just happened to be words he knew or luck favored his guesses, because overall English is not his strong subject. I am fairly certain that his test results that year were not representative of his ability. Another year, in middle school this same child decided that he didn't want to complete the English section of his standardized test, so he marked C on every. single. question. I am certain that his test scores that year in no way reflected his ability. With my older two I never tried to coordinate my social studies or science with state standards and yet they always scored around or above the 50% in those two subjects. How is it possible that public school children who were actually taught to the test didn't perform as well as they did!

    Bottom line- I don't put too much weight into standardized test scores. I definitely try not to judge my teaching, my child's total achievement, or our home education journey by the results of one test. I mean if a math or English sub-section comes out much lower than I would have predicted I check into it. This, of course, is how I found out about all the answers being marked C. It is always possible that I haven't put emphasis on a skill and so I didn't realize that my son was not understanding something. However, in general, in math and English (as I said I never worried with the social studies or science topics) they always tested about how I thought they would.


    P.S. I wanted to add that my older 2 boys did not use T4L.
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