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    I just recently signed my 5 year old up for time4learning. I have a question though. He's starting at a Kindergarner level. How long do I have to complete that. Once I finish the k level do we automatically move into the 1st? So if we fly through K, kinda more as review, can we go right own into first. I think the K is probably to easy for him but I would feel better about reviewing it and not skipping it.
    I see that I can access one year behind and one year ahead. So can I be working on all these. Like have him do some launguage for pre-K, then K, and then 1st everyday so that we make sure we haven't missed anything?
    Thanks for any help!

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    There is no time limit. If you choose to do the lessons sequentially, the program will advance to the first grade material as soon as he has completed all of the kindergarten material, regardless of whether he completes it in a month, a year, or even longer.

    Yes, if you fly through K as a review, you will move automatically into first.

    You can mix and match lessons from all three levels if you wish. Some students really like to see that little arrow advancing to show how much they've done, though. If you skip around among levels, you end up with what looks like random arrows all over the place.

    In case other people's experiences are helpful to you in making your decisions, I'll share that I placed all of my children a level or two lower than where they would typically start and had them "fly through" the lower levels. I agree that there's a lot of good stuff I didn't want my children to miss.

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