how long should i set my childs time setting for kindergarten?
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    Default how long should i set my childs time setting for kindergarten?

    im trying to decide on how to set my childs time setting for kindergarten, he has been getting done with each assignment in 15 mins.. Is that normal.. i went to change it to 30 mins.. does anyone know what is the best setting on it?

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    Hi, teetia. You can experiment to find the setting that's right for your student. When the lesson timer counts down, he can finish the assignment he is in the middle of before going to the playground. This is unlike the playground timer. When the playground timer reaches zero, his playground access will immediately be removed.

    For children this young, I usually recommend 15 to 30 minutes of lesson time, followed by 15 minutes of playground time. Because kindergartners rarely spend more than an hour or so on their lessons per day, you might want to require him to complete all his school work first, and THEN allow him half an hour or so on the playground.

    These settings will vary from child to child and family to family. Feel free to do what works in your situation.

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    We just started the Kindergarten program last week. I have ours set to 15, but my son often wants to go longer. I actually have to make him take a break! I know that won't last though.

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