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    Hey, my daughter worked on language arts this morning. When she was finished I looked in her portfolio to see how she had done. She scored a 55% on a rhyming activity. I was thinking if they scored below a certain level, the system automatically had them re-do it?? I think she should probably re-do that one. Is there an easy way to go about that?

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    It doesn't automatically require her to re-do it. It just alerts you (via a color code) when you view her portfolio, so you can have her re-do it if you decide to.

    All she needs to do is click on the lesson activity icon again. She can do it as many times as necessary to master the material. It will show up on her reports each time, with the current percentage grade.

    Another way is to manually input the lesson activity number, like this. You can find it on her report, immediately following the title of the lesson. This is under the Reports tab, not the Recent Work tab. Here is a sample report. For example, see Writing Numbers Exploratory 34133 or Fortune Teller 34135.

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