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    Question How will I know

    This is my first year with AT4L and I was wondering how will I know if they are passing or if they are falling behind. Is there a report sent to the parents . And how will we know if they pass to the next grade.

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    Hi. Log in to your parent account and click on Student Records to access your child's reports at any time. Click on the Report Tab (not the Recent Work tab) to generate and print a report.

    Since, with homeschooling, the parent is the teacher of record, you decide when your student is ready for another grade level. Students may work at different levels for each subject, if you like. When a student has completed all the material at one grade level in a subject, he won't see any more unfinished lessons when he clicks on that subject. You can move him to the next level in that subject by going in to your parent login, clicking on Student Records, and selecting the Adjust Grade Level icon.

    If you haven't spent time exploring the material within the parent login, you might want to do that. There are some really helpful videos and other info there. There are also some fun things, like a certificate you can generate and print for any reason.

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