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    Default I am lost

    I quickly read through the guide, but can't seem to put two and two together.

    My son started the activities today, but I don't know what he should click on first since it seems a lot of lessons are listed in each subject. Should he just cover things in the order they appear?

    Any one bullet has sub-bullets under it....are all of them together one lesson? Meaning the lesson, exercises, review, quiz for instance...is that one lesson?

    Some of the lessons have two bullets and then a quiz/test under them. Is that to be completed after both bullets are done?

    For the printable resources, is there a way to log them once completed?

    Assignments: I see the section in the portfolio, but how exactly do I assign something? Can I assign specific lessons?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Time4Learning uses curriculum developed by CompassLearning, who only provides it to schools. Time4Learning has purchased a license that allows them to offer it to individuals. Because the Assignments function was designed to be used in a classroom, it isn't functional for individual use. Instead, Time4Learning provides a flashing arrow to point the way.

    The program is designed to be used in sequence (in the order lesson activities appear). You may use it in any order you like, but the flashing arrow will only work if you uise it in sequence.

    Your student clicks on a subject (such as math or language arts). Think of the subject icon as representing a text book. He is then brought to a page of icons that each represent a chapter in the text book, and again clicks on whatever chapter the arrow is pointing to. This brings him to a page of icons representing lessons in the chapter, where he clicks the lesson the arrow is pointing to. Finally, this brings him to a page of icons representing lesson activities. When he clicks on one of these, he will be taken to the lesson activity he is to do. When he finishes that lesson activity, he repeats the process, either with the same subject or with a different subject. The arrow will kieep track of his progress, and will point out "the next thing to do".

    Time4Learning provides lessons in a variety of formats. In some lesson formats, lesson quizzes will appear as a separate icon at the bottom of each page of lesson activities. The student is to do the quiz immediately upon finishing that page of lesson activities. Chapter tests will appear as a separate icon at the bottom of each page of lessons. The student is to do the test immediately upon finishing that page of lessons. The arrow will now point to these tests and quizzes, so it's important to do them immediately, so they aren't forgotten.

    We parents usually define "lesson" as "the amount of work to be done in one sitting". In Time4Learning, a "lesson" may take several days. Each lesson is divided into several lesson activities, and a student usually does one or two lesson activities per day.(Remember, homeschooling students will spend much less time "doing school" than students in a traditional setting, because the aren't spending time doing role call, lining up for lunch, going out to recess, and waiting for the end of a designated class period to proceed to the next subject.)

    There is no way to log completed worksheets online. I usually print the lesson plans (available within your parent login) and cross off each item as my student finishes. You may use all of the workwsheets . . . none of the worksheets . . . or only a few of them.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if you still have questions.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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