I want to "force" the yellow arrow to MOVE...5th grade Math curriculum especially
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    Default I want to "force" the yellow arrow to MOVE...5th grade Math curriculum especially

    We've been using T4L for almost a year. There have been times when we skip an activity, move on to the quiz, and later on I will physically work through the activity so that the arrow will move on. Well...that hasn't been to bad, but this year it seems to be a real PAIN.

    Especially in the 5th Grade Math since the quizes are actually set up along with the activities and there are no separate quizes or chapter tests. (Sometimes, we have taken chapter tests only and move on....that works.)

    The activities I want to skip through are very long, drawn-out, animated lessons that are a waste of time if my son has already mastered the topic. Even I don't want to work through all these activities to make the arrow move.

    The arrow pointing at the next item that my son needs to work on is especially important not only for him, but for me and any other adult who may be working with him.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Marty in TN

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    My only answer is to ignore the arrow. My son just does whatever regardless of the arrow.

    As you pointed out, the arrow will move if you take the chapter test. Also, obviously, the program is designed for the arrow to move when you have completed an activity. The arrow is not a graphic that can be dragged about the page, so I think that what you are asking for is a rewrite of the program specific to your account. Unfortunately, that is probably unlikely, so I hope someone else has a better answer.

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